About Data Collection Forms

Data relating to ANY breast device-related surgery e.g., insertion, repositioning and removal,  is submitted to the ABDR using a Data Collection Form (DCF). This is a one page, double-sided paper form, uses on a short “tick and stick” process. The form is easy to complete and captures the minimum data required by the registry to generate reports.

Details about device insertion are written in the blue section of the DCF; details of procedures involving any in situ breast device (including removal) are written in the blue AND pink sections of the DCF.  Device explant data is particularly important to help monitor health outcomes. 

–>> Watch a short (~1 min) video on how and where to enter data on the DCF. 


At the moment, the DCF is only available in paper form. The most important and (time-saving) aspect of the DCF is to ensure the form is fully completed prior to submitting for inclusion in the ABDR.  In the future there will be the option for hospital personnel to enter patient data directly into the ABDR database.

For questions about the DCF or data collection try our FAQs here or contact the ABDR team.

To order more DCFs, Patient Information Leaflets or Posters, please email abdr@monash.edu.