Consent to participate

Your participation in the ABDR is very much appreciated and contributes to long-term monitoring of health outcomes following breast devices surgery. The ABDR’s goal is to support patient safety and well-being.

The registry takes an ‘opt-out’ approach to consent, meaning that if your surgeon is contributing to the registry, details of your breast device surgery will automatically be included in the registry, unless you advise us directly that you do not want to participate.

Your surgeon will speak to you about the ABDR prior to surgery and provide you with a Patient Information Leaflet.

Information sent to the registry includes details of your surgery (and the reason for the breast device surgery, such as breast cancer), your name, address and phone number. For a list of what information is collected by the ABDR, click here.

It is important to note that the only health information provided to the ABDR relates to surgeries involving breast devices, such as the insertion or removal of breast implants, breast tissue expanders and acellular dermal mesh. Your contact details help validate the information and under no circumstances, will be publicly available.  Contact details will also enable you to be contacted for an optional follow up questionnaire 1, 2, 5 and 10 years after surgery.

We will send you a Patient Explanatory Statement after your surgery.  If you permit your data to be included on the registry you do not need to do anything further, although you are most welcome to stay in touch and update your contact details – (change of address) (change of name) with us.

Participation is voluntary. If you do not wish to participate, please contact the ABDR.  Your participation will in no way affect your relationship with your surgeon or health care provider.