PROMs survey of patients after implant surgery

December 6, 2017

Follow-up patient survey rolled out nationally via SMS.  

Following on from a successful pilot, the Australian Breast Device Registry (ABDR) used SMS (Short Message Service) technology to collect information on the look and feel of breast implants for up to 10 years after surgery*.

*This project is currently on hold while the survey is being redesigned, and is expected to recommence in 2024.

Patient feedback on the appearance and feel of their implants is a crucial component of the ABDR’s work and will be used to help understand possible long term trends or complications associated with breast implants or the surgery.  To collect this important information, individualised SMS messages are being sent to eligible patients in the registry – those with breast implants for breast augmentation and/or breast reconstruction – with a unique link to a short questionnaire.

The five questions in the questionnaire are based on a scientific research tool called BREAST-Q Implant Surveillance (BREAST-Q I.S.). The questions are designed to collect high quality information in as short a time as possible. Feedback on the look and/or feel of breasts following surgery provides valuable insight into patient well-being that would otherwise be lost.

PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures)

These questions on the look and feel of breast implants are part of a follow up study called PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) being conducted by ABDR researchers. SMS messages are customised to include the patient’s first name, the name of the surgeon who performed the operation, and an individual link to the questions. Eligible patients in the ABDR who do not have a mobile phone or cannot be sent a link to the questionnaire via SMS, will be contacted by mail, email or landline.

Since the pilot in March 2017, thousands of patients have been contacted by the ABDR to participate in the PROMs follow up study.  Recipients of the invitation to participate in PROMs are always welcome to ring 1800 930 989 for more information.

More information about the PROMs follow up study.

How to answer questions on a mobile phone                 

Click on the unique link sent in the SMS. A short explanation and five short questions will appear on the phone screen. Select the answer in the drop down box that most accurately reflects your experience. At the end of the questions, click ‘Finish and Submit’ and that’s it.
Each SMS contains a unique link to the Breast-Q I.S. questionnaire, that is, one for each participant. This guarantees that answers and comments cannot be seen by other participants.

How to answer questions by post, email or a landline

If you are mailed the questionnaire, please complete and return in the enclosed reply paid envelope.   Answers can also be given confidentially over the phone to a member of our team on 1800 930 989.

Made a mistake or forgot something?

Answers can be changed and comments added any time before you click ‘Finish and Submit’. After that, please call 1800 930 989 to update your questionnaire with any changes.

Having trouble answering the questions?

If you have trouble accessing or answering any question, please call 1800 930 989 or email

How to provide more information about your breast implants

There is a section at the bottom of the questionnaire to include as much additional information about your experience with implants as you wish to share.

How often we contact patients for feedback on the look and feel of their implants

We contact eligible patients at 1, 2, 5 and 10 years after surgery.  The intermittent feedback is very important to the success of this long-term project and we strive to keep the process as simple and convenient as possible for participants.

More information about follow-up and the ABDR can be found here on the Patient Explanatory Statement, which was sent to you by the ABDR when your procedure was first recorded in the registry.
If you would like to know more about the ABDR or have a question about the BREAST-Q I.S. questionnaire, please call 1800 930 989 or

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